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We're not just about great food.

Let's stop bullying together!

We want to improve every community we're in. Where do we start? By tackling the growing bullying problem in our schools. Bullying and cyber-bullying are serious problems in Canada. It goes beyond schoolyard teasing or name calling. The reality is, both children and adult victims can suffer unnecessary psychological or physical trauma and, in some cases, severe depression or suicide.

Our schools are often the place where kids are victimized. Unfortunately, victims, parents and witnesses don't always come forward for fear of embarrassment or retaliation, and even when they do, most schools don't have the resources or tools to manage a bullying crisis situation appropriately.

Something needs to be done.

Sunny Morning wants to help by giving victims, parents, schools, or anyone the means to stop any bullying or cyber-bullying situation. By supporting organizations like Stop A Bully, we help children and teenagers in our schools learn and grow in a safe environment.

You can also help by learning more about bullying, raising awareness of this problem, and inviting schools in your area to join Stop A Bully. You can also find a list of resources by visiting or Get involved! We need your help.

To learn more about Stop A Bully, click below..

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