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Join the brand that serves the freshest food in awesome portions at a great price! We call it honest food, and it's one of the many reasons customers keep coming back. Come see why we're the next big thing in the breakfast & lunch restaurant category.

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Our History

In 2012 Sergio & Freddy opened their first little restaurant in the Yonge & St. Clair area of Toronto with the idea of serving the best, freshest, made-to-order breakfast & lunch fare, with no processed or pre-cooked ingredients. It was an instant hit.

In 2014 they opened their second location on The Queensway in Etobicoke under their new design format. It proved to be a success and already Sunny Morning is expanding further.

Freddy’s background is kitchen operations and menu development. Over the last 12 years he has worked as kitchen manager in different high-volume foodservice brands.

Sergio has worked in the foodservice industry for 14 years in the areas of marketing, franchising and front-of-the-house operations within several restaurant brands in Canada. 

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Why Sunny Morning?

Unique Canadian brand with origins in Toronto

Traditional but contemporary: a “modern-day diner”

Great hours! 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Honest food: real food in awesome portions at the right price

Restaurant design, simple menu and order management system allow for a much faster-than-average speed of service

Healthy cooking: no deep fryers + everything fresh

We use local ingredients and support local businesses whenever possible

Innovation: we continuously update our menu with new and exciting offerings within our product lines

Fully integrated brand, from print materials to uniforms to digital/social media to restaurant decor

Sunny Morning Program


We work with you in the site selection process and provide preliminary design drawings, furniture, fixture and equipment lists and approved contractors, services and equipment suppliers.

We provide a comprehensive training program for owners and key staff held both in our training centre (three to four weeks) and on-site (two weeks).

Operations and management manuals 
We provide all necessary proprietary manuals to support your franchise investment: operations procedures, kitchen, staff and server manuals, plus recipe and plate presentation.

We offer support in the areas of local store marketing, graphic design, merchandising, pricing, social media and advertising.

We are constantly working on making improvements to our menu and testing new processes and equipment to make our restaurants more efficient, effective and successful.

Point of sale 
Cash flow, reporting and gift card programs.

We source the right products and ingredients for the best food experience at the best cost.

Ongoing Support

Your success is our success! We offer ongoing support and training as required throughout the term of the franchise.

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Next Steps

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Compatibility review. We will discuss the requirements to be a franchisee, your background and investment needs, and will share our plans for growing the Sunny Morning concept.


Program review. We will discuss our business model and how we will support your investment.


Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) review. We will provide you with our FDD for your full review.


Final approval and franchise agreement execution. 

Franchise Fee

Royalties (on gross revenues)


Estimated Unencumbered Cash Investment 

$175k - $250k

Capital Costs

(Leaseholds & Equipment)

$350k - $425k

We have an established relationship with a major financial institution. Talk to us for more information. All figures subject to change.


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